Marciarita - Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia and Arthritis... the fun times.
My story and life with it.
About Me & My Family



I've had a pretty rough and interesting life and I am a true computer nerdette at heart.  


I earned my Associates Degree in Accounting while attending school at night.   I was .01 points away from Graduating with Honors (all I needed to do was retake a class I made a C in.....).  Oh well, the year was 1994 - a year before I went on Disability........


I began my working career at Baskin & Robbins when I was only 14 years old for a whopping $2/hour plus all the ice cream I could eat.......  From then on, I never went more than one week without working.  Working was my love and who had time for Vacations?????  I did move up and out to bigger and better jobs.  To this day, it was my typing teacher from high school who really changed the course of my life.   I was one of her better students and she recommended that I get into a program at school called VOE (Vocational Office Education).  You had to have a recommendation to get into the class and I had actually gotten it without even asking for it.


My first job through VOE was at the Credit Union for the School District (it was kind of fun to see how much the teachers really made).  I never received proper training and my second week there they threw me onto the 'Drive-Thru' lane on a wet and rainy Payday!!!!  They were still trying to figure out what I did that day six months later......  Did I mention that the computers were down too?  Yes, that day stands out in my mind.  They told me that "I had a balancing problem."


Hey, I was the kid in Elementary that had a budget for her allowance and how much work did I have to do to buy the things I wanted....  I was a nerd (I even had the glasses to prove it!).   The proof is in the pictures...



So telling me I had a 'balancing problem' made me want to make EVERYTHING balance.  And so, from them on, my work always BALANCED..... 


After working there for about 9 months, I quit - I hated the job and I really was lousy at it.   Oops, I didn't tell my VOE teacher that I had quit......  When she found out she was not happy with me, however, she gave me a number to call anyway - it was for a CPA firm looking for someone to enter data on their new computer (remember, this was about 25 years ago).  That job changed the course of my working career.


These two teachers had faith in me and truly changed the course of my life.  Just goes to show you how someone, especially teachers, can make a difference in a persons' life.


I had found my knack - A Knack for Knumbers......  From that point on, I went from entering data to bookkeeping and beyond.  I spent the next 3 years at the CPA firm before one of their clients offered me more money to come work for him.  I did and stayed with him for almost 4 1/2 years - setting up his Accounting and Billing System on a Computer, purchasing computers for the rest of the office - setting them up and keeping them working as best as I could.   I had a drive within me and I was even one of the first people to start tele-commuting from home to work (back when having a 14.4 bps modem was considered high-tech).  I do feel as though I accomplished much while I was working, though I went through a rough time during the late 1980's when I was going through a divorce AND showing those first 'vague signs' of having MS.  Often, what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger and that holds true with me today.


My significant other is a lovable and crazy man named Steve. He also goes by the name "Butch" or "Spike" or "Mr. Nalgas." We met in 1988 and have been together ever since. Steve is also a General Manager for H&H Music.  Steve has been a very influential person in my life (even though we do not always agree on politics).  He as a great sense of humor, which he gets from both of his parents.  His work ethic is very strong and people always compliment me how much they love working for him (actually I should say, with him).  We are both fiercely Independent people who need each other.


Steve also has a son who was born in 1983.  Steve brought him on our first date back when he was only 4 years old.   I never had any kids of my own (I had severe endometriosis which apparently kept me from getting pregnant).  As I write this (September, 2004), he moved out just a few months ago and we are empty-nesters (and I'm only 40).  He came to live with us when it became legal for him to choose so.  Needless to say, I must admit..... I miss him.  He seems to have taken after his father in the Retail Industry and is already a Manager for a company called Urban Outfitters.  He seems to also have his mother's talent as a hairdresser (he would want me to clarify that he is not Gay though).  He's all grown up now........




Here is a picture of my stepson on the left and his cousin, who is a Marine, who has been stationed in both South Korea and Iraq.  As of today when I write this, he is in California on leave.


Handsome Stuff around here!!!!


Well, gotta add another picture of my stepson, who made it on the front page of our local "Academy Sports" ad....





I also have a sister with much artistic talent. With her permission, I've included a few samples of her work:




If you like what you see, please feel free to visit her art gallery at Musickscapes. Her artwork has much variety and emotion in every picture she does.   She too suffers from physical problems.  In fact, our whole family gave blood for a Study and they LOVED our blood.  My family has fascinating minds but lousy bodies.....  We also have beautiful blood, according to blood samples drawn and analyzed....  My sister and I have grown very close during the past few years.  I don't think I could survive without her.


My brother, who is a workaholic, (so I see him once a year even though he lives 45 miles from me) works for a division of NASA. My brother got most of the brains in the family and is very smart. There is no doubt in my mind that NASA hires the best and the brightest (of course I'm biased). NASA does and has done a lot of things for this country that it can't afford to do without. You know that microwave oven you use or that TV program you see via satellite. Get the picture?  My brother and my dad were always tinkering with electronic stuff when I was growing up.


It just wouldn't be right for me not to mention my parents, who got me in this world in the first place. My dad is a computer nerd just like me (it's a genetic thing). He lives 15 minutes from me - but we write e-mails to each other all the time. He's found the "Internet" and refers to himself as my "Poor Surfer Suffering Papa" or my "Web Crawling Dad." We did get to enjoy a round of Physical Therapy together back in 1999 - he for his back and me for my sometimes non-functioning body.


I truly admire my father for what he has been able to do with his life - against a lot of odds.  Believe it or not, his Draft into the Army during the Korean War, changed the course of his life - as it gave him the GI Bill that allowed him to go to college.  He only had 3 1/2 years worth of credit to attend college and gosh-darn-it, he did it.


He got his degree in Engineering and worked for Exxon for some 30+ years.  He helped design and build Exxon's (Esso) first Geophysical Computer.  Of course, the whole thing took up an entire room and well, it did a lot at the time, but nothing to what we are able to do today.  How lucky was it for my dad to be a part of the computer revolution that has changed the world we live in today.


My mother is into music also. She is an organist, piano teacher and she composes Handbell music. My mother is a very talented lady and has touched a lot of peoples' lives through her work as a teacher, Sunday school teacher, choir teacher, piano teacher, volunteer Handbell teacher, and of course, she taught us kids a thing or two about life. 


She and I used to meet several times a week and go swimming (one of the few exercises MS'ers can handle). But lately, we've gone our own exercising ways and I miss our 'swimouts.'  I'll be honest, my mom is in better shape than I am (but I'm always working on it). I have also had the pleasure of learning to play handbells via my mom's wonderful teaching skills at church.


Last, but not least, here is a picture of my direct family (dad, mom, myself, sis and my brother, um, I'm taller AND younger than my sister in real life)..... We are huddled in our Atrium, Christmas, 2001.....(the date on the picture is wrong).  Don't you just dig the glasses?  Need more proof my family has often traveled into 'Geekland' or 'Nerdville.'



My father has been battling Prostate Cancer since 1991.  It unfortunately has spread and he is now undergoing some massive Chemotherapy.  Oh how it breaks my heart to see my daddy hurting so.  He is a fighter though!!!!!


Mom is hanging in there.  The women in our family all have medical problems (they say auto-immune problems run in families - the genetic component) and we try our best to stand by each other.


Families are Wonderful.


Okay, I have to mention my neice and nephew.... Okay, make that my 'Favorite Niece and Nephew.'  My neice went off to college and apparently LOVES it.  She loves to write poetry....




MUSICKSTARZ - Poetry for a New Millenium,


My nephew is really into 'Gaming' and with enough hard work (or fun), he may very well write some of the programs for future gamers of America.....


Well, my sister sent me a picture of my niece and nephew - so they must be shown too!!!!







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